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Where Does Our Name Come From?

If we say Wonder Woman, would you be able to immediately make the connection between Carter & Prince and the character that for the last 80 years has stood for truth, justice and equality to people everywhere?

Probably not. But when you start working with our founder, you will 100% understand the connection.
“When Carter & Prince started out in 2017, I was looking for a name that would represent me. After weeks of thinking, my husband came up with a name that suited not only my own personality, and also the ethics that I work with.”

Maliza has always been an all rounder, and saying yes to every task is a normal every day business occurrence. It is also what has shaped Carter & Prince to grow and become a sustainable business. Many that work with her have come to know her as a Wonder Woman in the digital marketing sphere, because there is nothing related to digital marketing that she has not worked on, or nearly mastered.

“The feedback that I get from most of my clients, is usually, and has always been – WOW, we didn’t think that could be done. “I think it is the principles of Wonder Woman that drives me. That’s where the idea sparked from: my absolute admiration of Wonder Woman.”

Lynda Carter portrayed Wonder Woman in the 1970’s TV series… and Wonder Woman’s real name is Diana Prince. And that, dear reader, is exactly where the name came from.

“For years I kept my absolute obsession with Wonder Woman’s ethos a secret, but today Carter & Prince is a testament of my belief in truth, justice and equality to people (and all businesses) everywhere.”
~ Maliza Booysen

Who Are We?

Carter & Prince has been a full service agency servicing niche clients since 2017. 

We have never chased awards, and we never will, either. Instead, we focus on delivering results for our customers based on their own business goals.

Our mission is to help businesses grow through insight driven strategies

Simply put, we don’t guess what will work. We realise businesses do not have the budget to spend on frivolous marketing campaigns, or on continuous redesigns. 

The remedy? Research before creation. We help our customers research and implement solutions that drive growth, and chase results.

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South Africa

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