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Get on board with an Intern!

Hi! You’re probably here from my TikTok, and if you are, you probably know the purpose behind this initiative. But, let me give you a quick run down, just to freshen your memory.

A month ago, I put out a TikTok inviting anyone who wants to build experience to apply for a job as a Junior Digital Marketing Assistant with our company. That video had the following results:


A month ago, I put out a TikTok inviting anyone who wants to build experience to apply for a job as a Junior Digital Marketing Assistant with our company.

Email applications
Official next round questionnaire applications
Person appointed
People asking for experience


We’re 1 company, and if we live by our motto of “You moan it, you own it”, then we need to do our part in helping people who are desperately wanting to work, to get the experience they need to create the life they want, in a way that is within our means.

One such person is Valerie – say hi to Valerie (and yes! This is her official team photo!). 

Now this is a persistent and creative lady. She asked me on multiple platforms if she could please intern with us. “I don’t need to get paid” she said. And we believe she does. After all, if we’re going to give her the tools, and support her learning, she deserves to be rewarded for the results she gets.

Valerie is our first intern candidate, but before we can push GO on this, we need clients for her to work on.

So, what does that have to do with you?


Aside from the massive amount of people that need jobs, there are people who desperately need experience. They want to work, they are super creative, and they have energy for days!

I said I would try to make a plan, and I held a vote. 62 people voted in the #MoanItOwnIt drive, that they want a solution to the experience problem, so this is my answer to the problem…

Want to get onboard and help grow job experience in South Africa?

There are SO many small and medium sized businesses that started up during COVID or in the last two years. Many of them do not have thousands in budget, to pay result driven agencies, but they need help to build and grow their business through digital marketing.  we need your business?

You bring your business, we’ll bring our knowledge and train an intern that will be dedicated to your business. 

Compensating the intern

The intern cannot do this for free, however, so you’re going to tell us how much you are willing to invest into your business and into the intern. 

What you get

As a company we’ll give you a strategy that is equal in effort that we give to any of our regular clients, and aligned to your budget. What will this enable? This way the intern can learn, on the job and with a managing eye, how to execute that strategy effectively.

The goal

To have an intern that is a competent Account Manager and Digital Marketing Manager in various disciplines across the digital marketing space.

Future plans

The internship will be valid for 3 months. After that if you would like to sign up and become a permanent client of Carter & Prince, your sign up guarantees a job and a salary for the intern, and they become officially employed. 

We want to do this for a new person every 3 months, and keep on rolling it for as long as we possibly can.


Complete the form below, and I will personally be in touch with you. If we get more registrations that we can handle, well, we have 62 more people who need experience, and we can happily help more people!

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