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Everything we do is informed by research + driven by strategy. 



Do you remember the first time you signed up for a Facebook account? For our founder it was 2007. It was also the year she first got introduced to eCommerce, influencer management, social media management, and her first taste of HTML. 

Ten years later, 2017 saw the formation of Carter & Prince, and a new small agency was formed servicing specialist clients.

Since then, we have grown into a team that does not approach eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, web design, and strategy in the regular way. We are not an agency per se. We are a business in business, with business.

We do not focus on winning awards, but rather contribute to our clients' business where it matters - by chasing results. You will most probably never find us on the award ceremony floor. Instread you will find us on the other side of zoom calls, research lead strategic proposals, and debriefs on how campaigns have faired.

We pride ourselves in achieving, and working towards our clients' goals. That, is what we get paid to do.


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