Social media

When it comes to social media, we’ve been doing it right since 2007.

That’s 12 years.

12 Years of creating content, creating strategies, campaigns, promotions, reports and more.

We do social for individual clients, assist other agencies, and international companies.

A full service agency, with an in depth knowledge in all things digital.

Content Creation

What is content? All the words, images, videos, gifs and other graphics you see on social media. We craft monthly content plans for clients, customised to their needs, and even provide services for campaign based content plans.


Without a plan, what do we have? Nothing! Carter & Prince assists clients with strategies for campaigns, promotions, annual strategies, or just short burst campaigns. We don’t just focus on a social network either – we look at how everything slots together, to create a holistic strategy that satisfies the goals of the business and contributes to the bottom line.

Reporting & Analysis

We offer full scale reporting on all social media activities, including User Experience reporting run through from social media to website engagement.

We use specialised tracking systems for in depth reporting, as well as Google Analytics to ensure a full in depth view of the success of campaigns.

“Our work doesn’t stop and start with making pretty pictures and writing fancy words. Everything we do has a purpose behind it, and it is usually closely aligned with your business goals.”