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You're here because of this TikTok, right?




##hiring a junior marketing assistant - 3 month contract ##carterandprince

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If you’ve seen this TikTok, you’re probably here because of a subsequent video I posted.

My name is Maliza, and I am a founder of www.carterandprincne.com. We deliver digital marketing and social media services to a wide variety of customers. We are a small agency, and when I posted this TikTok, I did NOT think it would blow up like it did.

I wish I could employ every single person, but my agency is just too small, and I cannot afford it. 


I am a big believer in “You moan it, you own it”. By this, I mean that if you identify a problem or a need, it is your own responsibility to solve it, if it is your means. I wish it was everyone’s motto, but it starts with one, and hopefully it ripples out.

I have 5000+ email in my inbox. People desperately want jobs, or to create businesses. They want experience, and they want to learn skills. 


I have an idea to help more people get jobs, or start businesses, or get experience. To do so, I need to extend my business platform. But, as I said, I have limited time, and I need to know if this is what you need too, and if you would be interested in this?

If you are, vote YES below, and leave your details. 

Why do I ask for your email address? If you vote yes, and if I get enough YES votes, I will set up the platform and send you the details.

But I will only do it if there is enough interest. Time is tight, and I need to know if there is enough interest. 

I am using #MoanItOwnIt to track how far this goes, so you are welcome to do so too. 


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