WordPress Maintenance

Your answer to WordPress Maintenance is here! Perhaps WordPress core needs an update, WordPress plugins need updates, or you need to make changes, or create new pages or blog posts.

If you have an eCommerce site, but you don’t have the time to update your products regularly. No problem, we do that!

Or is your website just not performing the way it should? Just not appearing in search results for the topics your business should appear about? There’s a way to fix that.

You’ve come to the right place, because we do WordPress Maintenance.

Required WordPress updates cannot be ignored, if you want to ensure your site’s safety, and security.

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We do WordPress maintenance. What does that mean, you ask?

If you have a website that has been built in WordPress, and has been sitting online for a while, it most likely that you need some WordPress assistance, as your WordPress core needs an update, and WordPress plugins needs updates.

Some updates happen automatically, but can cause problems if not monitored. That is why it is best to get someone to meticulously check your site for any required WordPress updates, and any plugin updates on a regular basis.

Updates that are needed on a WordPress website can vary, but the most common updates are updates to core files, updating of plugins.

Also checking forms, comments, and content, and overall making sure that a backup is available of your site, to ensure you always have a working website.

Some of the things we check during WordPress maintenance

WordPress Updates

Updates of WordPress Core files and plugin files. We make sure everything is up to date and that your website is performing optimally.

WordPress Additions & Alterations

Do you need to make changes to your existing website, or need to add elements to it? That’s what we do! We even setup maintenance for eCommerce websites.

WordPress Backups & Performance 

Not having a recent backup of your site in place, could prove detrimental, should something go wrong. We ensure your site is backed up, and performing optimally.

WordPress Cleanups 

Spam comments driving you mad? Or are there too many broken links on your site. We clean up broken links, spam comments, and fix errors on pages to ensure your site stays professional.

SEO for websites

A website is nothing without SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in place. We run audits, and provide plans and strategies to set this in place for you.

WordPress Optimization

Is your site slow? A multitude of factors can lead to a slow site. We make it our priority to check what is going on, optimize it and fix it.

More than just maintenance

Adding of content

Do you need to update a page, or a section on your site? We can do that.

Adding of pages

Need to add services, products, clients or additional other pages to your website? We do that too!

Blog updates

Need to activate your blog to ensure people find the right info about your industry, news or what you do? Yup, we do that too.

Adding of functionality

Is your business expanding, or do you need more from your website. Let us know.

Become mobile friendly

Was your site built a while ago, but now it just doesn’t display well on mobile phones or tablets? We can fix that.

Social Integration

Need to integrate your social media more into your website? That’s not a problem at all. We follow best practices to get seamless sharing, and engagement functionality going.

Wordpress core needs an update
WordPress plugins need updates
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